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The outline


We choose a French product called Yoplait, which is yogurt with many kinds of fruits

This product has 23 different taste,(strawberry, cherry, pineapple, pear, apple,... .)and

Snakes Six are for diet; there is another kind of Yoplait called double cream the fat

ratio between 3%-4%. but in the ordinary the fat ratio between 2%, 3%and 0%

Fat. The last type is for saccharin people.

This product consists of yogurt, fruits.

It's related to most famous company in France, which called Sodema. Yoplait is a

Substitute product to the Swiss product Amy. This product sold in 53 countries all over

the World,(France, united states, Canada).

1. Product description and features.

* How did the idea of Yoplait starts?

*Did the company make marketing research before producing Yoplait? (if yes what was it?)

2. market analysis:

2-1.who is the target market?

2-2.what type of segmentation does the company use?

2-3. What is the description of the target market?

2-4. Is the product sold to the consumer market, business market, institutional, or government market?

2. Environment analysis-what part of environment factors can possibly affect our product?

• Macro environment:

Economic, cultural factors.

• Microenvironment:

Competitors, suppliers, and buyers.

3.positioning: does our product stand out from others and what advantage does our product

have over competitors?

3-2 .you may provide a table with a comparison between our product and its competitors? mix:

4-a.-l Product- how does the product design, packaging, (small, big).

4-a-2. How does quality affect marketing?

4-a-3. Does the product have a famous brand name and does it affect marketing?

4-b-i.promotion, what kind of promotion is used (advertising, sales promotion)

4-b-2. What did the company do to promote this product?, how is the product placed in the market?

4-c-l. Where we can find the product?

5. What is the pricing strategy?

Yoplait is a French product, which is yogurt with different kinds of fruits. This

product has 23 different tastes, (strawberry, mulberry, cherry, pineapple, pear, apple,

etc...) and snakes .Six are for diet. There is another type of this product called double

cream the fat ratio is between 3.5% and 4%but in the ordinary Yoplait, the fat average

2% 3% and 0% the last type is for saccharin people. This product is related to the most

popular company in France, which called Sodema.

This product is sold in 53 different countries all over the world like France, United States,

Australia and Canada.

It is healthy because it contains yogurt and healthy Bacteria, moreover it Contains pieces

of fruits.

*What are the features of this product?

Its funny product, the texture is creamy and contains pieces

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