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"Long before the time of the Pharoahs..there was a god who cares for
all of the skies and dozens of his kind...." Inscription found on
wall above the Tomb of Osiris

The Great Secret Surrounding the Tomb of Osiris

In the Late 1950's , while the Super Power of the United States was
tapping into the future through space expeditions, the other Super
Power of Russia was tapping into the future by seeking the knowledge
of the past.
A very top secret project secret that even today the
knowledge they discovered remains hidden yet today. This secret
project went under the code name 'PROJECT ISIS'. A project that was
to discover not only an ancient tomb..but a tomb containing a great
mummy...the mummy of Osiris, the Visitor King..A king not human but

Project Isis was discovered by the investigators of an American
television program , The SCI FI CHANNEL, dedicated to uncovering the
truth of alien and ufo coverups. With the fall of communism, many
top secret Russian government documents became available through
the 'Russian Black Market' to the 'highest bidder'. Fortunately for
us SCI FI was the highest bidder and this knowledge for the first
time was made available to the world public. A book by the name
of 'Project Isis' was published by a Russian author, but
unfortunately it has been so deeply buried most of the public has
little knowledge of the book or it's author.
SciFi was not one of those people. They contacted the author and
then followed up on the various leads resulting in FULL
DISCLOSURE...with HARD EVIDENCE, including government documents, eye
witnesses, photos and KGB Film of the tomb, sarcophagus, tests and
film of the test on the alien mummy, expert medical and science
witnesses. We are lucky enough to have a copy of the SCI FI
Evidence. With what we were able to obtain, we transcribed and soon
will be made available to you. We have copies of film and photos
not available anywhere else on the web.

From my research I discovered that there was an advance race of what
many refer to as the Star Walkers. These were called by the
Egyptians the 'Visitor' Gods and were not part of the Egyptian
pantheon yet their existed was remembered and honored through oral
tradition and inscriptions from the ancient Egptians . From the
decoded inscription written on the tomb of Osiris wall we were able
to get our first hint as to what lay within the sarcophagus. 'Long
before the time of the Pharoahs..there was a god who cares for all
of the skies and dozens of his kind..'.

Much of what SCI FI was able to uncover was purchased through
an 'anonymous' source that worked for the Russian Mafia. Before this
he was a courier for the Russian Diplomatic Corp moving documents
between Cairo and Russia . Although highly illegal and certainly
death threatening, the courier managed to make copies of Project
Isis documents ..and actual KGB film documentation of the tomb,
psychic experimentation done in the tomb, the opening of the
sarcophagus , the gas coming out of the sarcophagus..causing the
soldiers to become very ill, the mummy itself and private meetings
of top military officials and archeologists.... Along with the most
discovery of mankind's history something else was discovered...a
secret chamber UNDER the sarcophagus.
Through the use of ground penetrating radar KGB discovered what
looks like a spaceship and believed it to be the chamber that
contains all the knowledge of man's past and future.

Although it has been announced that the discovery of Osiris Tomb has
been discovered recently. THis is simply not true. The discovery was
made in1960-1961 by the Russian KGB.


Project Isis was begun under complete secrecy in the late 1950's.
Under the cover of over 20,000 military personal
in the pyramid area
of Egypt, scientists and archeologists were slipped into Egypt for
the purpose of finding ancient technology. They were secretly
headquarted in Cairo. Dressed as Arab peasants and military
, small groups of archeologists would conduct covert
studies at the Giza Pyramid area.

To gather inside Egyptian archeological secrets, Russia's leading
communication expert was brought in to set up wire taps on all the
Egyptian officials. This work and the time used listening in and
taping all conversations going back and forth through the Egyptian
Elite, pay dirt was hit July 24, 1960. These tapes do exist and I
believe are in the hands now of SCI FI to give us HARD EVIDENCE of
the conversation that took place. Film documentation is also
available ..again giving us Hard Evidence of what took place after
the taped conversation was heard and acted upon by the KGB.
According to the film documentation, on July 24, 1960, the KGB
intercepted a call that came in to a top Egyptian official from his
brother, telling him that two bedouins had stumbled upon the 'hidden
tomb of the visitor'.
The bedouins were thought to be delusional and taken to the hospital
for observation. While there for several days, they kept repeating
in Arabaic these words 'Tomb of the Visitor'. The KGB were to find
out that this phrase was a direct reference to an Egyptian 'tomb of
the visitor' which is a grave of sorts of an ancient Egyptian God
which DID NOT EXIST in the symbols of the Egyptian pantheon. He does
not have the same symbol as the Egyptian God..but has a symbol of
his own which representing something very different. This Symbol
meant 'Visitor God'.


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