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  • Archie Equation Petrophysics

    INTRODUCTION Archie Unleashed is an attempt to put the basic log analysis methodology for computing water saturation into a readable reference document. The beginning log analyst or petrophysicist should have little difficulty with the terms and concepts utilized in this paper, however, most terms are redefined in appendix A. The basic outline of this document closely follows a previous work written for the casual interpeter in log analysis. Archie Unleashed is meant to carry

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  • Physical Constants, Properties, Mathematical Calculations And Equations

    • Emission • There are two significant effects of contamination by metal ions: 1. Salinity: When metal ion concentrations are too high and exceed safe limits. High salinity water is unsuitable for drinking or irrigation purposes. 2. Toxicity: Can occur even with extremely low concentrations of metal ions. These ions are often called heavy metal ions because their density are five times greater than that of water. • Atomic emission occurs when electrons are energetically

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  • Solving A Systems Of Equations By Elimination

    To solve a system of equations by addition or subtraction (or elimination), you must eliminate one of the variables so that you could solve for one of the variables. First, in this equation, you must look for a way to eliminate a variable (line the equations up vertically and look to see if there are any numbers that are equal to each other). If there is lets say a –2y on the top equation and

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  • Solution Of Linear Equations By Gaussian Elimination And Back-Substitution

    Initialise Clear the workspace and load Linear Algebra package > restart; > with(LinearAlgebra): If you want practice at hand calculation you should use the worksheet "Interactive Gaussian Elimination" (see Menu) Enter the matrix of coefficients and right-hand side vector You may edit the following statements or use the matrix and vector pallettes to enter new data ( see View, Palettes) > A:=<<4 | 2 | 3 | 2> , <8 | 3 | -4 |

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  • Solving The Equation: Earth Plus Humanity

    Solving the Equation: Earth plus Humanity We all want to live in an untainted, unadulterated, unpolluted world where our resources arise in abundant supply. We don’t want our water to be full of impurities such as waste products, both natural and generic, for this leads to illnesses and calls for even more funding in medical provisions, not to mention the overwhelming inconvenience it produces as was seen in the Woburn case where supposedly the water

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  • Drake Equation

    The reason why the Drake Equation is not a successful science is because it would be impossible to calculate some of the elements in the equation. The elements would take too long to get an accurate sample to give a scientifically sound explanation. For instance how would you calculate fi (the fraction of intelligent life forms), how do you define intelligent? Is intelligent like you and I, is it like a bird or a rat,

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  • Cold Equations Paper

    11972 N, 48030 W of Mimir Bearing at Mach 15 traveling SE Heading to Woden EDS Ship Mr. And Mrs. Lee Cross, Parents of Marilyn Lee Cross, 17902078, Earth, North Hemisphere, 160 N 90 E, Bayou Street, LA., Third sub level, 1268477 Dear Mr. And Mrs. Cross: I am sorry to inform you that there seems to be a problem with your daughter. She somehow stumbled upon one of our spacecrafts bound for Woden. She

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