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A Walk to the Jetty - Continue

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A Walk to the Jetty- Continue

      When we got to Barbados, I had to take another ship. At first I was afraid but it all came up to be okay. It was a long trip but I got to England fine, my relatives were waiting for me at first I didn’t know who they were but then, they shouted out my name, I greeted them and they asked me about my parents, I told them they were just fine. I looked around and it was such a beautiful place, everything was so different. There were cars all over the place, we couldn’t even walk. We were looking for their car and then when we found it we headed home, it was a very nice car. The only thing I could do at that moment was stared at the buildings, people were everywhere.

      We got to the place, and it was a nice neighborhood and a nice house, too. There was one girl standing at the door, she was like 8 years old and I noticed she was happy because I was there. My relatives showed me where my room was I had to share it with the little girl. Everything was new for me, even the form they talked was new for me. They seemed like very nice people. I started to remember that maybe I was never going to see my parents again and I began to cry, I felt so lonely even thought I had people around me.

      I heard my name and they were calling me because it was time for dinner. We talked a lot about me. They told me they knew it was going to be hard for me but that it was all going to be okay. I helped clean the kitchen when we finished then I had to go sleep because I needed to go to school the next day. It was the beginning of the year so it was okay with me. The next morning I woke up early to go to school. My relatives showed me how to get there. When I got out of school I went home I did my homework and then I helped in what I could.

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