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Air Pollution in China

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Air pollution

  Smog is a serious problem in china. Beijing is especially serious. A few days ago the smog

weather bureau issued continuously orange early warning, people had to walk with a mask.

  Beijing is the capital of china. It due to the rapid development of the city in recent years, the car reached 2 million in 2003. The car exhaust has seriously polluted the environment, all kinds of processing plants and emitting large amounts of pollutants.

  In china, the smog weather was mainly appears in autumn and winter seasons. Atmospheric air pressure is low, a major factor in the air doesn’t flow. As a result of the air doesn’t flow, then they make the tiny particles in the air is gathered, floating in the air .These  natural climate is also one of the reasons causing smog.

  The smog governance is a long-term work in China.The smog was how governance : protein the environment is everyone ’s responsibility .Personal environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the qreater the external supervision of enterprise management.The pollution control ability of the government can get the stronger.    


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