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Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton signed the constitution and was a delegate from New York. He went to King’s college that was renamed to Columbia in New York. He was a good student and took his studies very seriously. When the revolt against the British began, his schoolwork was intensely disrupted. He publicly defended the Boston Tea Party. He wrote three pamphlets in the year 1774-1775. These pamphlets attacked British policies and supported the Continental Congress’s actions to not export or import British products. These pamphlets were actually published anonymously. In 1776, Alexander Hamilton was made the captain of artillery. He and a group of men that he organized stopped the British from getting across the Raritan River and attacking the main army at the Battle of Trenton. In 1777, George Washington gave him the rank lieutenant colonel. Over the years that he worked for Washington, they became good friends. George sent him on important missions and he helped Washington communicate with French admirals and generals. But Hamilton wanted to be a part of the action, but Washington refused to give him active command in battles. In 1781, Hamilton left Washington and his staff, but he still had the friendship of the general. So finally, in July of the year 1781,

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