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Causes of the American Revoltion

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Sebastian Ornelas



Verse 1:


        A: A genius warrior and a ruler came from an obscure and insignificant background.

        B:  Khan gathered many nomadic tribes together under the rule of himself and his family.

        C: He then put his attention on settled people beyond the border which then lead the establishment of the great Mongol Empire.

Verse 2:


        A: The great warrior never had anyone paint a portrait of himself on a basic simple coin.

        B: Khan has never felt regret even after he killed his closest brother.

        C: His history is not very well known until after his death when they found out most of hi childhood life in the “secret history of the Mongols”

        D. By 1205 Khan had vanquished many of his rivals including his former best friend Januka.

Verse 3:

        A: Khan then soon realized that he feared becoming the worst version of himself by killing his own brother and his best friends Januka

        B: Khan had also proclaimed that “chingis”  that roughly translates into Genghis Khan which mean “Universal ruler” a name that became known in the west .

        C: After getting his tribes together he had realized he was ruling over 1 million people.

Verse 4:

        A: After a series of raids and rains the Mongols launched a major initiative in 1209 that brought them to the doorstep of Yinchuan .

        B: The Xi and the Xia capital unlike all the other armies the Mongols traveled with no supply train.

        C. Khan was then considered the most dangerous warrior on the planet after all the raids and dethroning different kingdoms.

        Verse 5:

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