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Civil War - the United States of America

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The united states of America like all other country's went through sacrifice and hardship unlike none other the American civil war was history's first war on modern slaughter unfortunately its lesions were not learned by military thinkers of the day, looking back at the bloodshed of the war the inglorious reality may seem to not outweigh the cost. The war was only suspected to be a 90 day event, americans living and dead wished it was. The civil war was an example of liberty and freedom this independence followed by many other country's who leaned towards change by Liberty of the African Americans brought historical markings around the world, set an ideal image of liberty through consequences through changing, future-altering, death toll. Conflict between secession raised different worldviews and viewpoints. The southerners, Northerners and the Emancipation proclamation formed the USA what it is today. Without the civil war this nation would not be what it is today

Development, progressive and achieve were in favour of everyone's daily lives during the civil war, from the difficulties of colonising and independence to mapping the future sidewalks for future generations to come. Both the northerners and southerners grew in a economical viewpoint with the north had become highly industrialized since 1800' had some 1.3 million factory workers in 1860's in compounds. In 1860 at least in rural areas and the vast majority of people living in agriculture (compared) to only 40 percent in the north. Their main crop was cotton, the south was heavily dependant on slave labour.

The year 1836 was a astonishing year for the norths, souths and African Americans, for they all knew America is either or going to banned or disbanded the harsh lifestyle of African Americans, once Lincoln issued his Emancipation proclamation, he also opened the union army to African Americans, unlike the defeated white soldiers, black fighting men had their hearts

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