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Gallipoli Campaign Precis

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        The Gallipoli campaign involved the massing of ships, submarines, guns and aircraft in very great numbers; and for the nine weary months that it lasted; its outcome carried with it the hopes and fears of half a dozen governments and kingdoms. It was planned with the idea of bringing the First World War to a decisive end by out-flanking the enemy through the southern Balkans.

There was something in the very setting of the battle— Mount Ida and the ruins of Troy, the Hellespont of Hero and Leander—that seemed to bring the Allied soldiers to an extreme pitch of romantic heroism, so that there was nothing that they would not dare and no hopeless prospect of death for which they would not volunteer. “It’s too wonderful for belief!” cried Rupert Brooke, the poet, as he set out. “I had not imagined that Fate could be so benign. Should we be a turning point in History? Oh God! I’ve never been quite so happy… I suddenly realize that the ambition of my life has been—since I was two—to go on a military expedition against Constantinople!”

However, the heroism of the expeditionary soldiers was of little avail. The information of the intended campaign leaked out and this fact, coupled with a great deal of unnecessary delay caused by red tape and stupidity, allowed the enemy all the time in the world to occupy commanding positions in the area from which they could not be dislodged. Thus the campaign failed. Consequently Europe was condemned to four senseless and expensive years of slaughter in the trenches of Flanders; while in the east there followed the long campaigns in the Mesopotamian desert, the collapse of Russia, the communist revolution and the setting up of the Soviet Republic.

Reduce the above passage to ten (10) ideas, five (5) sentences and approximately eighty five (85) words.

1. The Gallipoli campaign

2.Sending of war supplies in large amounts

3.For nine months

4. The purpose of the campaign was to gain control of Constantinople and open a trading route for Russia and to end world war one by out power the enemy

5. The allies were fighting on ancient battlegrounds

6.Maybe that’s why they fought so courageously

7.The bravery went unsung,

8. This was to the information leak, which led to the lose of surprise, which led to the failing of the campaign

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