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Impacts on Colonial America

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Impacts on Colonial America

Many things impacted the development of colonial North America. Puritanism and the First Great Awakening are two examples. Puritanism and the First Great Awakening had a great and enduring impact on the development of colonial America between 1620 and 1776.

Puritanism stressed the importance of an educated and a literate population. “Puritans believed that reading the Bible was important to achieving salvation” (Miletich). This belief made it important to educate children and make sure the population was literate (Miletich). Puritan leaders even began enforcing education so people could become literate enough to read the Bible. Furthermore, in colonial America, public education was a way to educate future leaders (Brackemyre).

Another way Puritanism impacted colonial America was the stable, widespread households with high fertility. The Puritan colonies were closely knit, with the houses built close together. They had a very strong sense of community that was centered around the church (Studios). Many families who moved to America continued having children, causing the population to grow very quickly (“Colonial America Puritans”).

Puritanism also impacted colonial America with the Salem Witch Trials, which caused paranoia among colonists in Massachusetts. “More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft” (Blumberg). The Salem Witch Trials had some unpleasant aftermath as well. Many families were separated, and even after the trials were over, families of the accused led difficult lives. Because of the paranoia and injustice of the Salem Witch Trials, the story still captivates imaginations even 300 years later (Blumberg).

Even though the Salem Witch Trials caused paranoia and much suffering, their impact led to the First Great Awakening. Puritans believed that sin was everywhere and that people who acted against their strict beliefs could be become possessed by the devil. Many people were executed for accusations of witchcraft. “The Enlightenment, in contrast, suggested that people had a great deal of control over their own lives” (Domitrovich). With this new outlook, the First Great Awakening was set into place with a new focus on tolerance and rationalism.

The First Great Awakening impacted colonial America by promoting communication, independent thinking, allegiances, and interaction. People began thinking that they they could better interpret God’s will. They thought they didn’t have to rely on the monarch or

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