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Daniel De Lisle



    Judaism is the smallest of the monotheistic religions. With only 14 million Jews all across the world.judaism was the Religion that Hitler Persecuted and was lead out of Egypt to the holy land. Jewish people have been around since the days of the Egyptians. Judaism has 4 different names they are Zionism, Reconstructionism, Hasidism, and Hebraism. But know the differences and Similarities between Christianity and Judaism.


First of all both religions are monotheistic meaning that believes in one god. They also believe in Moses, Abraham, and much more prophets that are mentioned in the holy bible. They both believe that God loves everyone but still holds people for their sins.Also in the Holy Bible, there are 2 parts new testament and the old testament while the Torah has the oral and written.


First, the basic laws of Judaism come from the Torah, their holy book when the holy bible is where we get

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