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Marcus Garvey’s Role in the Segregation Era

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Marcus Garvey’s role in the segregation era was phenomenal. Mr. Garvey was a take charge guy who viewed the African- American struggle for equal rights in a different way.

Marcus Garvey’s childhood was better than most African- Americans who fought for blacks rights. The Social/Civil Rights Activist Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr was born on August 17th,1887 in St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. Marcus was the last child of eleven to Marcus Garvey Sr and Sarah Jane Richards. Marcus father was a stone mason, and his mother was a domestic worker and a farmer. Garvey Sr had a huge impact on his son Garvey Jr, he taught Marcus personal independent and how to survive in life, he also taught marcus how to read.

Marcus Garvey's biggest obstacle would be his pride. An obstacle like this would be difficult to overcome. It would be his biggest obstacle because even though he wanted his vision of all black people to unite and return to their homeland which is Africa, through his actions came consequences. For instance, dedicated to promoting African- Americans and resettlement in Africa, he launched several businesses in the United States to promote a separate black nation. After, Marcus was placed in police custody for mail fraud and eventually deported back to Jamaica, where he went on to continue his work for the return of the blacks to their homeland

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