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Paul Revere's Ride Paper

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With the evidence and supporting details from the book itself, we evaluate the details of this story and form a fact-based opinion that says we think the American Revolution was destined to occur. Over the years of the different acts and movements of the British, the Colonists became more and more outraged. Many incidents occurred, such as the Boston Massacre, an attack that Paul Revere called “the Bloody Massacre” (38). Other events like the Boston Tea Party, where the British government tried to enforce taxes on the colonists to help pay their debt. Then came the Coercive Acts. “The port of Boston was closed. The structure of government of Massachusetts was modified… Most town meetings were curtailed. Trials for political offences were transferred from the colonies to England…” (41). “…when he began to enforce the Coercive Acts (… Intolerable Acts.), relations rapidly cooled. …Gage published a proclamation forbidding most town meetings except by permission, …sent troops to stop a town meeting in Salem… The Regulars, …retreated in bewilderment” (41). “The soldiers waited… then brought out the gunpowder. All 250 half-barrels were carried to the boats and delivered to Boston… the munitions were deposited in Castle William…” (45). The Regulars were trying to make the Colonists follow normal British laws, as stated, the decisions General Gage made were necessary because the colonists were acting out. The way General Gage was and his principles, being loyal to both sides and their viewpoints, had a big influence on the American Revolution. If General Gage had been more violent or harsh as a commander, the American history could be much more diverse.

Paul Revere’s Ride is arguing that the American Revolution started because the people of eastern Massachusetts made conscious decisions that influenced events and moved history in one direction. They were seeking to maintain a traditional way of life because they reacted to the movements of the British regulars rather than proact. They had many false alarms and because of this the colonists acted too soon. The Regulars didn’t decide to march on concord at a minute’s notice, Gage crafted a magnificent plan over many days and weeks

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