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Progressive Dbq

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Dear Aunt Bessie,

Hello! I hope your feeling well. I was pleased to hear that you are allowing me to give 1 million dollars to 3 causes.I will accept the money and give it to these 3 causes: Food Safety, Child Labor, and Deforestation.

I have decided that Food Safety will receive $600,000. (Doc D) Upton Sinclair has informed me that the food that we eat is in terrible condition. Food poisoning and rats in our meat. We need food to live. It's either we starve to death or die from the poisonous meat. I would like to survive, so I decided they were the most needy.

Children are the future, because of that the child labor laws will get $300,000. (Doc B) Children are working for money instead of learning at school. They are working in terrible conditions. Lewis Hines says some are even dying. He also states in his report that kids are coughing up coal dust and children's fingers were calloused and cut by the coal and slate.

In the future

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