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Smith Vs Bradford

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John Smith and William Bradford were both leaders of the colonies they established. Although their personalities and the way they did things differed, they both had the same ambition. The intentions these two fair men shared was to help their colony survive.

“…a country that may have the prerogative over the most pleasant places known, for large and pleasant navigable rivers, heaven and earth never agreed better to frame a place for man’s habitation…” -- Captain John Smith, 1612. Captain John Smith thought very highly of the region surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. He also thought highly of himself. Smith’s strong personality and confident demeanor led him to a life of high adventure in the new world.

“ keep a good conscience, and walk in such a way as God has prescribed in his Word, is a thing which I must prefer before you all, and above life itself.” -- William Bradford. William Bradford was a man of well-tempered spirit. He was a person for study as well as action, but his biggest aspect was his fruitful walk with God.

Each of these early colonial American writers is known for their optimistic look at the new world. They described America as not only the new world but as a place for opportunity and dreams. Their writings reflected the colonist view away from the restrictions of British society. Captain John Smith, using a fairly simple and open narrative, provided detailed maps and descriptions of the areas in addition to adventurous tales of his own and others. William Bradford wrote of his experiences in the new world but his text was based largely on his Puritan faith and compared

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