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Space Travel and Space Exploration

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Space travel and space exploration is a popular event in the recent years. However, there are still some negative comments about space travel and space exploration. Those people think it’s a waste of money for government to fund space travel and space exploration. There are some disapprovals. Due to space travel and space exploration can help technology improve, make positive influence on community and find survival planet for future.

Firstly, space travel and space exploration can help technology improve and find new resources. The purpose of starting some projects like space travel is always wanting to explore and discover more of the universe. When they discover some new resources, which can be good for the community. Maybe government could provide these new resources to the public and they could earn money in this way. So, it’s like an investment.

Secondly, space travel and space exploration can make positive impact on community. For example, if astronauts found the trace of alien or other creature. People at all ages in the world would spend time and energy on this shocking event. Everyone would pay attention on this breaking new. So, in this way, students could learn more about the universe and physicists would also discover more. It’s also like an investment and brings some benefits for people. Those kids may contribute revenue in the future.

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