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The Civil War to the Modern Day

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The Civil War to the Modern Day

The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American History. Even though the war was a

tragedy because of the life lost, it helped to better the United States to this day. One might

wonder how the Civil War has affected different aspects of the United States over the years. If

one were to examine events that took place after 1865, they would be able to find similarities

between these events and occurrences that happened during the Civil War.

Why did men (and women) choose to fight?

There were many reasons why men (and sometimes women) decided to fight in the Civil

War. Some chose to fight because they believed they were defending themselves. Others fought

because they felt it was their duty to fight for their respective side. Most who fought, however,

wanted to fight for what they believed in. In fact, the reasons why Confederate and Union

soldiers took up arms were almost identical; the only difference being their views on slavery.1

Soldiers today still fight for their country. Recruits joined the United States Army to fight

in the War on Terror after September 11, 2001. Most of those soldiers continued to fight in the

War in Iraq. This could be for a variety of reasons that only they know. Some may have joined

out of a sense of duty or retribution. Others may have enlisted to defend themselves and their

country. Some might have just joined out of anger. But even with these different reasons for

fighting, they still stand united under the American Flag.

Why was the draft controversial?

The draft in the Union and Confederate States was controversial for a few reasons.

People could buy their way out of service. Those who were rich enough could hire substitutes to

fight on their behalf. Those in the Confederacy, who were fighting to save slavery, that had more

than a certain number of slaves would be exempt from military duty. Some just decided not to

show up if they happened to be drafted. Those who couldn’t bribe draft officers, but refused to

serve, were arrested. The draft would lead to protests and riots due to its faults.2

There was still controversy with draft after the Civil War. The Vietnam War, in

particular, had a huge controversy concerning the draft. Many United States citizens protested

the draft because they did not believe that the Vietnam War concerned them. Some who were

drafted tried to avoid military service and were known as “draft dodgers.” There has not been a

draft since the Vietnam War. The War in Iraq, however has some believing that there will be

another draft. If it occurs, it is believed that there will be fierce protests for this draft, as well.

How does Lincoln’s assassination resemble other assassinations?

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, attended the play “Our

American Cousin,” with his wife on April 14, at Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C. At one

point in the evening, Lincoln’s bodyguard had left his post. At 10:15 P.M., John Wilkes Booth

opened the door to the State Box and shot Lincoln in the back of the head. He then leapt from

the box and fractured his left fibula. As

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