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The French and Indian War

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As the British and French were involved in the war in Europe, the conflict eventually reached America.Which resulted in the French and Indian War. This war lasted from 1754-63. British was largely interested in details and running of colonies in America, so long that they maintained their mercantilist policies. After the French and Indian war, there were some major changes in the American relations with its mother country. It marked a turning point in American relations with Great Britain. With changes that increased British control. Continuities such as a loyalty to Britain that remained largely untouched by the war.

The British were victorians in their war against the French. At the end of the war, France surrendered all of its land in North America east of Mississippi River to Britain. Meant British had virtually complet sugar islands in North America. This is a major change for British to American relations because it allowed British to tighten its control over its colonies. Britain then would pass the Stamp act, Quartering Act, Molasses Act, Coercive Acts, and more legislation in order to keep more strict control over colonies. The French and Indian war marked a dramatic change for the relationships between Britain and the colonies. It marked the end of the period of salutary neglect and since Britain was in major debt because of the war they were very involved with the colonies by passing acts like the Stamp Act. Which was to tax papers, stamps, and letters so Britain would have enough money to pay for British officials it passed the other Acts. Like Townshend and Tea Act. The end of the war was a turning point for America because it also the ended the British indifference toward the controlling colonies. Britain then interfered more in the affairs of its colonies in America. Britain's victory and acquiring of new land in the Americas. This all changed American relations with Britain.

The French and Indian War was a major turning point with American relations because the war cause a growing

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