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The Impact of Technology on Life in 20s

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      Many of us heard the expression ''  The apparel oft proclaims the man'', which was written by William Shakespeare and many people realized how it's it's important to be well dressed to underline your individuality. Often we can rich it with a help of clothes.

     Of course the ''beauty'' depends not only on clothes, but it's definitely depends on how clean it is and how much is your clothes ironed.

Since clothes often had to be washed, there was a constant need for ironing. That's why the ''iron'' was invented.

    The first lightweight electric iron was invented by American businessman Earl Richardson in 1905. He designed a small. Light weight model (flatirons could weight 5-10 pounds each). He reasoned that if enough electric irons were in use, customers would demand more power and the high rates would be reduced.  It worked. By 1904 he started up the Pacific Electric Company to manufacture electric irons, but a major problem was soon identified. The iron got too hot in the center of the ironing plate. So Richardson asked his wife for advise. She suggested that he made an iron with more heat at the point for easier pressing buttonholes, ruffles and plates. He improved hid version and gave it to try to a local laundresses. They liked his invention so much so in 1905 the ''Hotpot'' iron was made and this was so successful so Richardson sold his irons even more than any other company in America.

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