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The Roaring 20’s

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Becca Renehan

English III Period I


The Roaring 20’s

        The roaring 20’s was a time in history when inventions were made, fashions became known and heroes stepped onto the baseball field. The 20’s was also a critical time where important trials became known, and authors wrote books that became popular around the world. A man named Henry Ford also became a widely-known inventor for his invention of the car, which he named “Model T Ford”. Soon enough, the average American families could afford this first ever made car. Baseball players such as Babe Ruth, and Carl Mays became popular in the baseball era of the 20’s as well, crushing records (and skulls).

        To begin, inventions were never ending in the roaring 20’s. All the new inventions that came out amazed and benefitted people in their daily life. The average “housewife” did chores all day long and it would take all day because everything had to be done by hand. Yet, when the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, and washing machine came out, it made things a lot quicker and easier for the average housewife. The assembly line was also created around this era, this was “a production system with machines and workers arranged so that each person performs one assigned task again, and again as the item passes before him or her” (Mrs. Rozelle’s notes, 1). This assembly line was also adopted by Henry Ford, the maker of the first car which sped up the process of the production of the Model T Ford. Other inventions such as the first self-winding watch, electric shaver and electric blanket were also created in the roaring 20’s.

        The next important time was all about the new and upcoming fashions of the 20’s. Women indulged in the latest hairstyles, dresses, and cosmetics. “Women in the 1920’s started bobbing and cropping their hair” (Mrs. Rozelle’s notes, 3), these hairstyles were known as the “Dutch Boy Bob” and the “Eton Crop”. These fashions started to shape the path way of fashions today. Women in the 20’s more commonly wore popular dresses such as the flapper for everyday wear and silk gowns for a night out. Accessories such as scarfs and cloche hats were a “must have” for women in the 20’s. Rolled stockings were seen a lot for they went along with the popular “flapper” style dress.

        Lastly, sports such as baseball started to make its way to fame in the 1920’s. Baseball players such as Babe Ruth, Carl Mays, and Tris speaker all became the icon players of the 1920’s. Babe Ruth became famously known for “shattering the major-league homerun record with 54 of them in the 20’s, while batting .376” (This Great Game, 1). He was the most commonly known player in the 1920’s. Carl Mays, who played for the New York Yankees became the “first player to ever kill another on the field when a fastball of his skulled Ray Chapman” (This Great Game, 1). Ray died one day later in the hospital from the brutal injury. Tris Speaker was also famous because he won the American League by two games in the world series. Baseball started out as something small, but rapidly grew for the excitement and fun experience that has gotten even more popular today.

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