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The South Part of the American Colony

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The south part of the American colony

the north part of american colony include maryland, virginia , north carolina , south carolina and georgia. the south colony have the largest territory in three regions of colonies.and there are some characters for this typical region.

First , the population .the population of a region is really important . For example , Chian ,a strong developed country . Its increase of economy ,in one way, is because of its large population. That means an efficient work and a ghastly sum of work will be done in a same time . In south colonies, the quantity of white man is smaller than any other colonies in America. In some ways, it will make the efficency get lower. But the trade of slaves give the solution of problem. Most of the population consisted of enslaved africans works on plantation , that conspicuously enhance the production of crops in south colonies and that is also why the economy in south improve quickly after the trade on sea beginning.

Second , climate. American have a large range of ground . From north to south, the average temperature increase. And the precipitation raised gradually. When getting the south colony, the sunshine is adequate , the precipitation is moderate. Warm weather

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