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The War of 1812 and the Era of Good Feelings

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The war of 1812


We tried to invade canada but failed

William Henry Harrison wins at the battle of the thames


The british burned down Washington D.C

The Americans held at baltimore

Andrew Jackson wins the battle of New Orleans unleashing a wave of nationalism

The treaty of Ghent is signed, ending the war, with both sides agreeing to stop fighting, and all territory returned. The result was a draw

The Hartford Convention

Late 1814, the new england states met in connecticut to discuss their grievances about the embargo and war

They wanted such items as financia. Assistance for lost trade, and 2.3 vote in congress for a future embargo

When these delegates got to washington, the news of new orleans and ghent took precedent

Their complaints now seemed petty and the delegates sank away. The Hartford resolutions helped to kill the federalist party.

War results

America earned respect world wide

Citizens experienced a surge in nationalism

Sectionalism was discredited

War heroes jackson and harrison emerge

Manufacturing prospered due to the british blockade

Rush bagot treaty: America and canada limit naval armament on the great lakes

The American System

Speaker of the house, henry clay from kentucky, furthered the spirit of nationalism by proposing the american system

A strong banking system would provide credit

Protective tariffs would allow manufacturing to boom

Tariff revenue would help pay for better transportation

Food and raw materials would flow from the south and west to the north and east for manufactured goods, uniting the country further

James Monroe-Era of good feelings

1816, dem-rep james monroe wins the presidency and the federalist party dissappears

Panic of 1819: Western banks had lent out loans to land speculators, who later could not repay to foreclosure of farms

The national bank became a financial devil to westerners

The missouri compromise

9 frontier states have been added by 1819, and they have altered between free and slaveholding (11 each)

Cheap land (1.25 an acre) tobacco exhaustion, no indian threat and better roads led people moving into the midwest

Missouri then asked to be added to the union as a slave, and sectionalism emerged again

The north was wealthier and more populated, controlling the house, while the south needed to keep even in the senate


Missouri was admitted as a slave state

Maine was admitted

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