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Unabomber Case Study

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Jimmiral Taylor-Lucas

Faulkner University

October 5, 2018


        The UNABOMBER, also known as Theodore Kaczynski was born in Chicago, Illinois May 2, 1942 (Biography 2017). Theodore was great in mathematics and taught at the University of California at Berkeley at 25 years old and he remained in that position until he became frustrated and stressed out. Theodore then moved into Montana Woods in a small town and started to learn survival instincts to become totally independent and live off the land (Biography 2017). Then, in 1978, Kaczynski moved back to Chicago to work in a manufacturing plant where his brother also worked. During his employment at the plant he became involved with a supervisor and things ended badly. When, things ended he began retaliating by writing insults about her and caused him to get fired (Biography 2017). Although, his brother David, a manager himself, was the one that had to break the news to Theodore. That same year Theodore began his bombing spree by sending his first bomb package to the University of Chicago (Biography 2017).

        The package was sent to Northwestern and opened by a ground’s security officer, who managed minor wounds when the bomb detonated (Biography 2017). Another bomb was sent to the same college the next year, however at this point Kaczynski had come back to Montana (Biography 2017). Kaczynski at that point focused on American airlines organizations with two bombs one happened in 1979 that neglected to explode on an American Airlines flight, and one happened in 1980 that was sent to the President of United Airlines, who maintained minor wounds after it detonated (Biography 2017). While working with the U.S. Postal Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation began up a team to investigate these baffling assaults. As a result of the bombs locations the case became known by the acronym UNABOM, which remained for university and airline bombing. In the long run, the obscure attacker came to be known as the Unabomber (Biography 2017).

        The FBI was sent in circles trying to figure out who the Unabomber was, the pursue however gave them a great degree of troubles time following or recognizing the Unabomber (FBI 2016). This individual or gathering was authoritatively named a domestic terrorist organization and a standout amongst the costliest searches in US history was in progress for the individual or individuals dependable. Theodore was captured after he presented a letter to the Washington Post daily paper disclosing to them that he would stop the bombings on the off chance that they distributed his declaration Unabomber (FBI 2016). Upon the detailing of this demand by different news organizations, Theodore's own sibling perceived the composition style of the Unabomber and the complaints that were specified in the proclamation. He could tip the FBI off and they struck Theodore's lodge, which had no power or running water, in 1995 Unabomber (FBI 2016).

        Theodore confronted capital punishment, yet as opposed to being condemned to death, he made a request understanding, which sent him to jail for life without the likelihood of parole (Comey, 2009). Kaczynski is still in Federal prison for his wrongdoings, however, keeps on composing and trying to teach everyone around him about the issues that he feels firmly about. Numerous social researchers, researchers, and analysts were likewise intrigued by analyzing and the UNABOMBER case for a considerable length of time to come and were very upbeat to see that he would not be getting capital punishment (Chase, 2000). Kaczynski was fixated on the possibility that mechanical advancement would, in the end, lead mankind to a less perfect adaptation of the real world. Then his conviction that people were not worked to withstand the social and good rigors of the mechanical unrest and the bunch open doors for internal strife and struggle it made were likewise implanted in his compositions (Biography 2017). He proceeds to contend that leftism is the far-reaching sign of the absurdity of the world and mankind's recently discovered powerlessness to manage each other socially or ethically. He accuses radicals and their belief system for the decrease of society, and rails against political accuracy, woman's rights, and every living creature's common-sense entitlement developments (Kaczynski, 2005). Kaczynski's perspective of radicals made the establishment for what he esteemed the important upset, where individuals such as himself were required to bring the social and good uneven characters made by the liberals to the consideration of whatever remains of the world. Kaczynski (2005) additionally contended that liberals experienced a condition called over socialization (Kaczynski, 2005) and that the best way to settle this issue was to begin a social transformation. He considered himself to be a friend in need of society, not as a terrorist. Then from his little self-manufactured lodge in Montana, Kaczynski could complete his besieging effort, painstakingly constructing bundle bombs that were fixed to detonate when they were opened (Biography 2017).

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