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Westward Expansion

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In 1803, Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory for $15 million and had sent Meriwether Lewis to map the land and find a water route from the Missouri river to the Pacific Coast. With this purchase and Lewis exploring, it had caught the interest of many, as a lot of them, and they loved the idea of economic exploitation of the western lands and more American influence and power,. The Adams-Onís treaty got us the land Florida but did not end the feud with the Seminoles that had lived there. One thing that frustrated Americans was that they thought that Texas was part of the Louisiana purchase and many had tried to take it by force. Known as the Missouri compromise, this compromise was the issue of Missouri entering the union as a slave state and upsetting the balance of free and slave states. This debate caused fear of war and disunion of the country. It was solved by Missouri entering as a slave state and Maine entering as a free state and drew an imaginary

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