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World Trade Centers 9/11

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On September 11th 2001 the terrorist group called Al Qaeda carried out multiple acts of terror on the United States. In the morning Al Qaeda sent 11 men to get on 4 planes then hijack them saying they will land the plane then ask for their demands to be ment. Unfortunately that was not the case, two of the planes went into the World Trade Centers, one hit the Pentagon and lastly one the passageners took back the plane and crashed it into the ground. The passengers on United 93 (the plane that crashed into the ground) was the only victor the US had in this tragic day. Even through the tragedies that happened on this day some people wish to believe that the government had something to do with the attacks.

    Starting with the World Trade Centers, conspiracy theorist believe that the government had a controlled demolition to bring down the towers. They talk about how the collapse of the towers was to fast for regular free fall, also the jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. The truth behind this is that it is true jet fuel can’t melt steel beams they can weaken them. Over the whole time the fire was burning the flame retardant coating came off to help prevent the weaking, so after the coating came off the building could collapse at any moment. Also they believe that Present Bush put bombs in the build so when the planes hit he could detonate them to bring down the towers. The biggest flaw behind this is that how could they pinpoint the exact location of where the plane hit and have bombs there already.

    Furthermore they believe the attack on the Pentagon was from a missile fired by the United States. The main reason for this is because in the third wall in there is a 6 foot hole in the wall. The theorist talk about how a plane can’t go through three layers of concrete reinforced with steel and still be intact enough to leave that whole in the wall. The reason for the hole is that the plane upon impact basically turning to liquid and just shot through in a straight line through all three walls and at the end

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