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Yee Haw

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What is a cowboy? Who are they? Elmer Kelton’s novel The Day the Cowboys Quit and The Old Chisholm Trail depict cowboys as workers who round-up cattle and relocate them from one place to another as needed. Like everyday workers, cowboys have their own unique personalities. Ranging from hot temper to calm and understanding. For the most part, cowboys have their own issues just as any workplace would. When this occurs there needs to be a leader to take charge in order to fix or control a situation. The way that cowboys respond in times of trouble is when they demonstrate how qualified they are to be a leader. According to Elmer Kelton’s novel The Day the Cowboys Quit and the film The Old Chisholm Trail, there are cowboys that set themselves apart by showing strong leadership skills such as dependability, loyalty, respect, and open-mindedness.

Kelton’s novel revolves around how the cowboy strike occurred and the effects it presented. The reason the strike rose up is because the cowboys were upset that the ranchers treated them in a frantic manner. Ultimately,

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