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Zach's Intervention

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Jair Pereyda


Professor: Hana

Psy 101 M-W-T

                                                      Zach's intervention

This documentary takes place on Salt Lake City, UT. Whitney is Zach's girlfriend. Whitney and Zach have a kid named Zayden. Zach is a cocaine and heroin addict. Zach has been doing heroin for 7 plus years. Zach doesnt care about anybody else, just his drugs. Zach's dad was a drug addict too.Police arrested Zach's dad and his grandparents had to adopt him. Zach's dad was a big and bad influence for him. He taught Zach how to do heroin. Whitney is on the same page as Zach. They both do heroine and cocaine up to 4 times per day. Zach's grandpa kicked him out of his house for stealing stufff (guns and a computer) from him. Zach sold his grandpa's computer to get money in order to buy more heroin and cocaine. Whitney's family members didnt't know she was a cocaine and heroine addict until they sat down with the interventionist. Zack's family and him sat dawn and talked about his problem ans Whitney's addictions. Whitney and Zack were willing to change in a positive way. Zach is going to Recovery Management Services in Concord, CA. He wants his life back. Whitney will go to Nexstep Medical Detox Facility and transition to Cirque Lodge in Sundance

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