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A Child Called It

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Book Report #1

A Child Called 'It'

By Dave Pezler


1-Russian River:

The Russian river is a place in California where Dave and his family would usually go for a vacation. He remembers this place as a quiet and peaceful place. He remembers how he and his brothers would play, how his mother would to hug him, and how they would all watch the sunset together


School was Dave's only refuge away from his mother, and it was the only place he could actually get food and feel safe. Sometimes he would wish to stay at school forever just so he wouldn’t have to stay home with his mother. He dreaded holidays so much. His school was also a place where he felt loved by the nurse and put an end to his abuse.

3-Grocery Store:

During breaks at school, Dave would run to the local grocery store and steal food. But this only lasted for a short period of time because he was caught.


Dave's mother would make him sleep in the garage in an old army cot. Sometimes it would get really freezing down there and he didn’t even have anything to cover him. Dad would occasionally sneak him scraps of food, but if he didn’t he would have to starve.


This is where mother played many games of torture with Dave. She played 'Gas Chamber' which is a dangerous game where Dave has to stay in the bathroom with many different chemicals causing him to choke. She also made him swallow ammonia and made him sit in a bathtub of freezing cold water for hours.

Main characters:

1. David:

-Before Abuse:

David is the author of this auto-biography. He lived the perfect life up until his mother took up drinking at the age of four. Dave enjoyed school and had a wide imagination. He lived a perfect life and was blessed with perfect parents. Everyday was a new adventure filled with fun. He loved his life and his family.

-After Abuse:

David came to believe that there was no god because "No just God would leave me like this" Pg.131. He had totally disconnected himself from all physical pain. He refused to shed a tear because he didn’t want to show his mother the satisfaction of his defeat. He no longer dreamed at night, nor did he have an imagination. He felt as if his life had no point "I no longer awoke in the mornings refreshed; I was tired and told myself that I had one less day to live in this world" Pg.132. David's soul became cold and he hated everything including the sun because he knew that he was never going to be allowed to play in its 'warm presence.' But he hated himself the most, because he blamed himself for everything that happened to him. David became more rebellious and wished death upon him. School no longer held the exciting appeal it had years ago. David struggled to concentrate on his work in class, and his bottled-up anger often flashed at the wrong times.

2. Mother:


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