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A Girls Trip

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Alicia Macias

Instructor Goode

Developmental Writing

20 February 2017


A Girls Trip

            Here we go! Road trips are supposed to fun and relaxing. Yet I sit here next to my mother-in-law, being next to her already makes me nervous. She is still wearing her hair scarf on, glasses at the end of her nose, while smoking a cigarette. We are heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama, it is a 12-hour drive. I am the first person to drive so my nerves are getting bad. Here we go the day I thought would drag put and be so boring has begun. I thought this day would drag out and be so boring but little did I know it would lead to an interesting adventure.

            Someone once told me that being on a road trip is like an escape from the “real life”. Yeah that’s what I thought to. As I’m driving feeling the rush of air hit my face, all I could think in my head was what did I get myself into? Yea this couldn’t be good. We finally made it out of Texas, I really haven’t said much because I don’t want to say the wrong thing. It’s about 12am I’m not a night time driver so at this point I’m in the backseat I’m in charge of snacks and drinks. I really need to be sleep but I’m wide awake.  The situation isn’t so bad after all, feeling a little bit more comfortable with her being around I was able to relax. Finally, we made it out of Texas. Driving through Louisiana is very pretty you have all these bright colorful lights from the casinos, the words are horrible. We agreed to stop at only lit up gas stations so we will feel safer. Guess who has to go pee and we are in the middle of nowhere? Yea me! As we are pulling up to this gas station I’m really second guessing should I suck it up and suffer. Yeah that didn’t go as planned I can’t hold it. We are pulling up and I see this six foot African American man standing at the door way. All I could hear was my mother in law saying “well would you look at this big black cornbread eating motherfucker”. We all got out of the car at the same time, walked right behind one another. It felt like we were in a scary movie. After getting what we need we are walking out, I forget I need some ice for my water.  I go back in and ask the man If I can get some ice he said it cost $1.25. WHAT THE HELL! $1.25 for some ice, yeah right! I start to walk out and the big man comes around the corner and say in a deep voice (he sounds like the guy from Green Mile). You can go down yonder and get you some ice for free Ms. Lady. As I walk very fast back to the car I yell no thanks but thank you.

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