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Change Management - Simulation

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Karen Dhaliwal, Section A02

Change Management

Assignment #5

April 6, 2018

During the simulation there were many ways I was successful and could have improved upon to ensure my adoption rate was higher. In regard to the adoption rate, I ended the simulation with 18 out of 20 adopters.  

I believe I was successful by taking the time to understand the organizational chart and how the hierarchy in the company worked. I also took into consideration the number of weeks it would take to implement a certain decision. By starting off with fewer weeks I believe that I was able to reach out to more managers, than if I began with decisions that were on the lengthy side. I also believe I was successful by conducting the private interviews and listening to what each person had to say. This helped me to focus more on certain individuals in the upcoming weeks to start accepting the change.

Things that I could have done better during the simulation was paying more attention to the details. If I had done this, I believe I got have got the full number of adopters needed and increased my credibility at the same time. I also believe what made me unsuccessful was when I confronted a resistor to soon. It didn’t increase my progress or help to make that resistor feel any better about the change.

From the simulation, decisions that I could put into practice in industry would that would benefit the company would be things such as conducting private interviews, walking the talk, tell a success story, recognize an adopter, and even posting progress reports. I believe if these decisions are done properly in an industry when dealing with change they will be more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

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