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Dr Martin Luther King Jr

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African American Studies 100

Monday/Wednesday 11-12:15


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Revolutionary War was a war for America's freedom from Great Britain, and to ensure that American freedom the Civil Rights Movement once again brought America to war to maintain those freedoms promised to all by independence. Although at the time of the Revolutionary War African Americas weren't considered equals as they are today, they still rightfully earned their freedom. Due to their nature of origin, African American people are often discriminated against and refused their right to equal treatment. This has been a cruel and shameful chapter of American history, and a very brave man fought to end this chapter many years ago. This man's name was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We celebrate his day not only to commemorate his heroism in the fight to end unequal rights, but to pay tribute to those who fought to end discrimination.

King wasn't always a civil rights fighter, but quickly became involved with the Rosa Parks bus sit-in. Her arrest on December 1, 1955 pushed King and other leaders to protest against the arrest and other cruel actions taken upon Parks. Long after 381 days, the Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal to segregate busses in Alabama. This was a crucial stepping stone in King's vision of peace, because it proved that non-violence could win. It showed the African American community that violence and vengeance wasn't the solution to a seemingly negative issue. Soon after the Southern Christian Leadership Conference would meet and appoint King as their leader, thereby forming a march in Washington D.C. in front of the Lincoln Memorial. This commemorated their freedom from the emancipation proclamation, and celebrated the man who issued their freedom from slavery. It was with these previous actions that made King the undisputed leader of the Civil Rights Movement, and a role model in non-violent action to gain freedom.

King would continue to speak, continue to study, and continue to move forward with the movement. Many of his actions included public speeches and rallies, studying non-violent persuasion with Ghandi, and even organized sit-ins and protests with other African American activists. King and other Freedom Fights were put through many grueling tasks when fighting for their rights. When the movement decided to go to Burmingham an injuction was issued, and all those who fought were arrested including King. There were also violent actions taken upon the activists such as: water hoses, tear gas, and dogs. The only fortunate part of the violence was the media, which showed live footage of the cruel treatment and unfair conditions. The media was able

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