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Dxm Biography

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Dmx the dog of the squad was born December 18, 1970 in Baltimore Maryland in the projects. His family knew in the area he lived that he would get in trouble a lot

so he moved to Yonkers New York with his aunt. There he showed a talent in music. He was signed to Columbia Records where his first album was brought out called Born Loser. Peepz wasn't feeling him then in he had to come out with

something rougher and harder. That's when he started appearing on artists songs such as LL cool J, John forte, The Lox , Ma$e and many more. Peepz was feeling him then so he knew he had to come out with something strong to keep him image alive. That's when 98 came around and he brought out It's Dark and Hell is Hot was under Def Jams Records which sold 3 million copies. Now he is one of the best Eastcost rappers alive. He says he started rappering for the ladies and if he wasn't the best rapper right now he would have been stop rappering...but he is the best.So lets welcome Dmx to our world...Where my doggs at.

If there was one defining characteristic to hip hop in 1997, it was the jiggy factor- an aesthetic of unapologetic flash, fashion and glamour that ruled everything around us and made hip hop life nice and organized. Of course, for each movement there always exists a counter-movement; for each yin there is a yang; and for each designer-label clad champagne sipper, there must be an uncompromised figure lurking in the shadows, ready and willing to reclaim rap from the penthouse to the pavement. Embracing this return to the anarchy, enraged and raw, Def Jam Records presents 1998 as the Year of Pandemonium. The human embodiment of such exhilarating and unadulterated chaos exists in none other than Ruff Ryders/Def Jam's very latest lyrical sensation, DMX. "I love to write rhymes," says the Yonkers-born MC. "I love to express what real niggas feel, what street niggas feel. They need to be heard. They need to know there is a voice that speaks for them, and I am that voice." Within the tumultuous annals of hip hop's dog-eat-dog history, second chance opportunities are few and far between. However, every now and then the experienced and distinguished bark of a particularly cagey canine re-emerges from rap's chaotic kennels, representing the triumph and perseverance inherent in true greatness. Winner of The Source magazine's prestigious "Unsigned Hype" award for January of 1991, the native of Yonkers, New York has recently crashed the airwaves and mix tape circuit with a number of unforgettable guest appearances (LL Cool J's "4,3,2,1," Mase's "24 Hours to Live," Mic Geronimo's "Usual Suspects," The Lox's "Money, Power and Respect," Ice Cube's "We Be Clubbin' (Remix)" and Onyx's "Shut 'em Down",) inducing a fever pitch buzz for the release of his kinetic debut single for Ruff Ryders/Def Jam, "Get At Me Dog." Utilizing a classic, tension-filled BT Express guitar sample, the single's keen balance of street grit and dance floor bounce provides the perfect backdrop for the Dark Man X's unshakably aggressive vocal delivery; one whose distinctively hoarse timbre is but the table setter for his main course of irrepressible rhyme: What must I go through to show you shit is real And I ain't never really gave a fuck how niggas feel I rob and I steal Not cuz I want to, cuz I have to And don't make me show you what the mac do If you don't know by now you slippin' I'm on some bullshit that's got me jackin' niggas, flippin' Let my man and them stay pretty, but I'm a stay shitty Cruddy, it's all for the money Is you with me? Despite all the excitement that currently surrounds him, only a select, informed crew of heads may recall DMX’s first go around (with the 1992 promotional single, "Born Loser") for Columbia Records. Like many talented MC’s signed to their first deal, X was left in the unfortunate scenario of languishing while other artists on the label’s roster prospered. "Columbia tried to put me behind other groups," DMX reflects of the situation. "They were like, 'Well, we're gonna put out Kriss Kross, then we're gonna put out Cypress Hill and then we're gonna put you out.' And I was like, 'Well I'm better than

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