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Hi, This Is the Pro Topic for March

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Overviews        3

A2: US Must Act Now        4

A2: Time for Peace        6

A2: Less Conflict Now        8

A2: Cooperation Now        9

A2: Only Option        11

A2: Pressure Effective        12

A2: International Recognition        14

A2: Israel Supports Two-State        16

A2: Palestine Supports Two-State        18

A2: Stops Conflict        19

A2: Solve Regional Conflict        20

A2: Decreases Terrorism        21

A2: Good for Palestine        22

A2: Good for Israel        23

A2: Economic Benefits        24

A2: Palestinian Recognition        25

A2: Best for US Interests        26

A2: US-Israel Relations Good Now        27

A2: One-State Bad        28

A2: Two-State Needs the US        29

A2: Two-State Promotes Democracy        30

A2: Russian Influence        31

A2: Right-Wing Israeli Politics        32

A2: Two-State Solves Racism/Subjugation        33

A2: Two-State Solves Iranian Aggression        34

A2: Two-State Solves Nuclear War        35

A2: Next PM Solvency        36

A2: Justice        37


1. All of my opponent’s impacts stem from the assumption that negating and continuing pressure will result in a two state solution being passed.  There are 3 problems that prevent a two-state solution from being feasible and if my opponents can’t solve for all these problems, they can’t get access to their impacts because a two-state solution won’t be passed.[1] 1st is Borders. Both sides have disputes over where to draw the line as Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank, which continues to make any potential Palestinian state even smaller. 2nd is Jerusalem. Both sides claim Jerusalem as the capital for cultural and religious reasons but they can’t split it because Jewish and Muslim holy sites are on top of one another and Israel continually builds all over the city. 3rd is Refugees. 5 million Palestinian refugees fled from the Israeli side to the Palestinian side in the 1948 war, and believe they deserve to return. However, Israel disagrees because if too many return, Jews wouldn’t be a majority thus ending Israel’s role as a Jewish state, which is a fundamental aspect of its identity.

FMT Stuff

Pro framework: us nat’l int, us moral values hr, int’l moral values hr, int’l peace security, rule of law consistency

If they say you’re imperialist, say lives

If they say two-state bad, say imperialist

A2: US Must Act Now

1. The US has already taken concrete action in the past in the UN, but did not change the situation. This is because the PRI explains that Israel does not listen or care about the actions the UN takes.[2]

2. The opportunity for two-state is gone for two reasons. First, the number of settlers has already become too high. Levy of Haaertz explains that the number of settlers has already reached critical mass and Israel will not evacuate them, and Palestine itself cannot become a viable state without them gone.[3] Second, according to Salon in 2016, a two state solution won’t happen in the current Israeli government which is hard-right and supports settlements and one-state.[4]

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