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History of McPenises

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Hello Lover,

I've been thinking of you constantly....

The sound of your laugh. The way you smile. Even the way you watch over me, making sure I'm safe. And then, there are those other things... like our Lovemaking. Let me tell you of the things I so enjoy...

The way you giggle when we play, and the way you taunt me. The feel of your firm body in my arms and your silken skin on mine. The taste of your neck when I playfully bite at your throat with a beastly growl. The way you moan and sigh into my ear as I do so.... The gasp in your breath when my tongue glides across your flesh - teasing tender nipples to complete erection... How your muscles tense with pleasure and relax with satisfaction when I lustily suck your breast into my mouth. I love the flow of your love juices through all of my delightful fun and fueling my need for you as I lap gently at your folds and suck your clit and hood into my mouth for a complete and satisfying orgasm.

But wait! All of this and more that we have done is but to make ready the Way for the passing of my flesh into yours. Your nipples caress the satin sheets as you kneel before me, arching your back, presenting your yoni to me. Needing to be filled with flesh, you look back at me with greedy eyes and tease me with words unspoken save for this place and time. You urge me on. But I know the Way. I position myself behind you, caressing the small of your back. Placing the swollen head of my cock in your slit, I slide it up and down through thick girl-juice that you offer almost as a sacrifice to me. Both of us are wet with the nectar of your body, and with that I enter you. Slowly. Only a bit at a time. I allow your juice to wet my cock completely. Once completely lubricated and fully engulfed in your flesh, I allow my cock to retreat from you. Withdrawing myself from you until only the tip of my meat holds you open, I wait only a moment before I plunge - full depth into you. My sack slaps wetly onto your hood as I bottom out in you. You feel your flesh part as I push my meat into you time and time again. You feel your flesh long for me to return when I withdraw. On and on this cycle goes.... You orgasm time and time again... And on we go...

I've taken hold of your hips to better control our timing. With that move you know what is to come and you whimper in eagerness, but speak to me again with lust in your voice. You command me to increase the speed our thrust, to drive my cock into your body ruthlessly. I oblige. Faster and harder I plunge into you. My need now exceeds yours. My cock is swelling ever more... my sack no longer caresses your clit with each stroke, it has drawn up to my body, preparing to fill you with my juice, my seed. Soon the fruits of our bodies will join as one inside your over-heated body.

And that time is now! I warn you that my time has come. You want my seed in you and on you, you moan out. You feel yet another orgasm rising - waiting on the feel of mine. I am there! My cock burst inside you. The first eruption

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