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Personal Eassay

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This past semester was my first semester taking any education courses. I did learn a lot about and in the teaching field but because this was my first semester I feel I need help on a few things. Being this is my first semester I know that I will acquire more information on my way through the teacher-training program. I am very excited and open to learning as much as I can and take in the experiences that are yet to come my way in this journey.

One area of needed help would be my nervousness first of all. I don’t know how much your program deals with getting students over this. Maybe I should have been over it a long time ago. I do try my hardest and I am doing better. I am sure as I go through the program I will be involved in more experiences that will give me the opportunity to over come my nervousness. I want to be able not to get as nervous as I do and can feel I am doing better but it still happens. I’m sure it doesn’t happen to just me at the beginning stages of learning to be a teacher.

Another area that I need help on may be the disciplining of student’s when that time comes. In my past three classes we didn’t get to into this topic. I know that classroom management is big thing and I did take in a many different ideas and ways on how I can provide and promote this, but since I see my self as being reserved and soft spoken I would like to obtain more knowledge on how I can be effective

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