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Sigmund Freud

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Reaction Paper on Sigmund Freud

Submitted by: RADGE BRIXX BARRIOS                  Submitted to: D’AARON Q. FALLACORINA

        In our topic about Sigmund Freud at first I was slightly disappointed about how you interpret and deliver your lecture and that was my first reaction. Frankly speaking, we are here in the seminary not only to develop our personality but also to develop in us those manly values- I was really shocked at that time. The way you taught us this lesson is truly effective but there are some areas to develop just for example: we have to be sensitive in our words, on how we express it to the students. We have to consider it for it will help us someday to convey proper expression in order to have positive critique.

        I really like the topic about Sigmund Freud’s life story its quietly more unique compared to the life story of others “People” it is somehow more interesting since he has more exploration in life. He is not afraid to explore things. It really makes you wonder and curious how he does it. Somehow your lecture is comprehensible, for you have applied techniques in teaching like using key points and images.

        To be mature in understanding or being an open minded student in our class is one way or another amusing but how about those who are not?  We have to tell them that this topic is more likely “personal” for the reason that they are wet behind the ears in short some of them or should I say us are naïve. In all honesty, I enjoy your class because this lesson could help us in our studies and it has numerous lesson that we could use in life.

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