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Abc Company Extreme Lawn Mower

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ABC Company Extreme Lawn Mower

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Project Management Final Project

Prepared for:

Professor Georgina Gill

MGMT 6084

Prepared by:

Bhavya Arora

Nicole Chanthiam

Bellur Shruthi



A niche market segment of 10% has been identified for a high-performance riding style lawn mower. The launch of this lawn mower will contribute to the company’s long-term strategies.


  • High efficiency lawn mower with 35 HP engine
  • To be designed in riding style with luxurious cab
  • High quality and durable cutting blades
  • High speed cutting
  • Flexible gauges for adjustments


To design and manufacture a high-end, high efficiency lawn mower with a 35 HP engine. A riding style mower will be designed and released on or before 30th March 2019 without exceeding a budget of $1million.

Key Stakeholders 


All customers of ABC Company


Georgina Gill

Project Manager

Bellur Shruthi

Project Team

Bhavya Arora, Nicole Chanthiam

Project Milestones 


Due Date

Project Exploration

12th April 2018

Market study

25th April 2018

Approval of proposal

01 May 2018

Equipment Design

14th June 2018


23rd June 2018

Supplier selection & raw material

02th July 2018

Product Development

18th Oct 2018


30th Oct 2018


15th Dec 2018

End user testing

09th Jan 2019 - 25th Feb 2019

Launch & Monitoring

06th March 2019


14th March 2019

Project Budget – Not exceeding $1 million

Project Time – Not exceeding 1 year

Constraints, Assumptions and Risks


Budget of $1 million, Time of 1 year


  1. Equipment and technology available can manufacture the new design
  2. Employees have the skill set and expertise required for project
  3. Factory layout can accommodate space required for new product


  1. New product launch
  2. Lack of understanding of project scope
  3. Vendors fail to deliver required quality of products
  4. Delays due to equipment failure or breakdown
  5. Supply chain complexity
  6. Project may require new technology
  7. Ineffective project management
  8. Low responses to proposal

Escalation Matrix

    1.                                      2.                                     3.                                  4.

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Team Norms

  1. Project members and managers to abide to rules set in team norms which is duly signed.
  2. Mandatory for project team to attend weekly review meetings.
  3. In an event where a meeting is to be missed, an email to all relevant stakeholders and members will be sent with updated action items if any assigned were to absentee.
  4. Delays to be identified at least 5-7 days in advance.
  5. If delays in deadline are expected, Project Manager has to be notified on email backed with reasons for delay.
  6. Communication regarding project will strictly be through emails. Offline media will be not be treated as official communication.
  7. Weekly review meetings can also be attended over conference call in case the employee is travelling or out of office.
  8. Have a positive and professional attitude. Assist teammates clear roadblocks and build rapport with cross functional teams.
  9. Maintain a healthy and respectful work environment.
  10. Treat conflicts as professional and creative differences.

Approval Signatures

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[Georgina Gill], Project Sponsor

[Bellur Shruthi], Project Manager

Date: 10th April, 2018 (, n.d.)

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