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Advantages and Disadvantages of Integration - Russia and Chine

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During the Soviet Union’s superpower-years, many could have suspected that it could have easily been ahead of China, who then had a peasant society compared to highly literate country with enormous numbers of scientific, technical and other specialists, in the present day. However a high economic growth rates and increasing number of competitive industries, such as the technology industries, China is nowadays a huge player on a global scale.

Russia on the other hand has not integrated as deeply as China: huge amounts of Russia’s exports are mainly just natural resources, compared to China’s model of being a part of the whole product cycle and being nowadays a global manufacturing center that produces a lot’s of value-added products. China has been embracing globalization and integration, as Russia has remained cautious and xenophobic of it. China’s integration can be said to be thick as Russia’s integration is thin.

The reason for this can be found in the history: Russia’s business elite have been rejecting the West and internationalism until the days of the Stalinist party faction, and they think that the West has nothing to teach them. China on the other hand has been accepting new economic approaches after a fresh start, the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

The good points of integration include the major economic growth. China has surpassed Russia in fields of education and

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