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Assets Curtain Call & Self-Inflicted Liability

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Good morning Church. For those of you who weren’t here when I came up to make an announcement several weeks ago, my name is Ron and I’m one of your trustees. For those who were here, believe it or not, I’m still a trustee. Before I move over to my brief update announcement on the Assets request, I’d like to put this entire experience into some perspective. When I was voted onto the Trustee Board early this year, I thought “OK, this Board will be special. It’ll be a beehive of activity. It’ll be unstoppable. We’ll be a Board of action. I’ll be a trustee of action. Good things will be happening and others not so good would be going down. I was ready for all us trustees to be fitted with capes.

Fast forward, I come up several weeks ago to announce only that our scheduled Assets presentation was postponed due mostly to our attorney’s sudden illness and unscheduled emergency surgery. OK, that’s not exactly the 1st impression I had hoped to make up here but things happen. My cape was still on but not exactly fluttering in the wind behind me as I posed strong and proud. Now, I come up here with a follow-up announcement to tell you once again that the Assets presentation, at best, has been postponed and, more realistically, cancelled because we just dragged out our decision way too long and Assets decided to move in another direction. Some of the delays stemmed from developments outside of our control, such as that illness and surgery, but many were self-inflicted. There’s still a very small chance that the project will be revived if Assets finds unexpected roadblocks from the newly selected direction but we won’t be holding our breaths this time around.

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