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Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Limited

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“Centuries after century landless and marginal dairy farmers are cheated by the brokers. To help those dairy farmers created a co operation society to collect and pay the market price of their milk and deliver pure and healthy dairy product to the urban area.” It was the primary mission and co operation society started with this mission.

The Mission of Bangladeshi government when take over the company is “poverty alleviation and enhance the milk production in the country”

The Mission of Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) is to gain self sufficiency in the dairy sector with in 2025, to fulfill the nutritional demand, and also develop the socioeconomic status of the small, landless and marginal dairy farmers of Bangladesh, through the producing, processing and marketing of dairy and dairy products. Those statements are for today.

Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) updates their missions time to time but their basic is always same. They always set their mission based on Public welfare.


By producing milk gain self sufficiency in the dairy sector of our country and also to poverty alleviation, economical development and unemployment problem can be solved by producing milk.

Executive Summary:

Short history:

In 1946, M. Mukhlesur Rahman Pioneer of Dairying in Bangladesh a Dairy Plant with a capacity of 2,000 liters per day was established at Lahirimohanpur, Pabna (presently Sirajgong) with the target to send milk products to Calcutta (India) market that was within the easy rail communication system. After the partition, Eastern milk Products Limited, a private company purchased this dairy in 1952 from the original owner. In 1965, the first milk producers’ co-operative was formed under the name Eastern Milk Producers’ Co-operative Union Limited (EMPCUL) through Government patronization over the plant at Lahirimohanpur, which has been taken specially step immediately after the liberation war by government of Bangladesh for the poverty alleviation and to enhance the milk production in the country.

Present condition:

Now Milk Vita a trade name for dairy products manufactured by the Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL). Still Milk vita is under the co-operative fold. The government of Bangladesh Owen 77% of the ownership and rest 23% remain in co-operation name. The organization is popularly known as Milk Vita. Milk vita makes necessary efforts to fulfill the demand for MILK and milk products of city dwellers by collecting milk from remote places of the country. Milk Vita has 62 percent market share of liquid milk in Bangladesh.

Working process:

BMPCUL is the only organization, which organized the rural milk producers under the co-operative system. It is the largest milk producing organization and supplied major share of the marketed milk especially in the urban regions. Presently, Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited operates in six milk shed areas of the country. Area names are Tangail, Manikganj, Tekerhat, Baghabarighat, Rangpur, and Sreenagar. It collects milk through networks established by its primary co-operative societies. BMPCUL is the central union of a total of 345 Primary Milk Producer's Co-operative Societies and has a membership of about 40,000 milk-producing farmer-members. To become a member of a rural primary society, farmers have to own a milking cow and have to buy a share of Tk 10.00 and pay Tk 1.00 as admission fee. To maintain membership, a farmer has to supply at least 150 liters of milk in a year. More over the organization provide cow food, medicine

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