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Basic Attributes of Strategic Human Resource Management

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The project assigned is, a research to be conducted on any organization of our choice dealing with the Human Resource Department. This project makes the reader understand the basic attributes of Strategic Human Resource Management. The policies and practices of the company in terms of planning about their Human Resource, process of recruiting them, selecting, calculating their performance and appraising.

The materials used for the research are articles, newspaper, journals, and internet sources. The main tool used was a direct interview with the company’s Human Resource Manager.

Various theories and Human Resource principles and definitions are discussed in the following paragraphs. The foremost important Human Resource issue that has happened in the organization is mentioned to understand the concept clearly. Diagrams and charts are used to present the statistic data.

A detailed version of how the Human Resource Department plans the annual programs in terms of recruiting, selecting and performance appraisal. Choosing one among a lot and choosing one among two both are same and difficult in terms of selection because the organization has to be very careful in the selection process.

The performance appraisal also involves some risky activities where the management has to mark the employees according to the performance. Error control is very important which is involved with the legal guide lines. The employee’s right to comment on the appraisal process is a positive approach given to the employee.

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