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Gene One would benefit from implementing several learning techniques that International Business Machines (IBM) utilized in their restructuring. In benchmarking IBM it is apparent that any company undergoing a major change must have great leadership that projects enthusiasm and vitality.

Gene One’s strategy to open an initial public offering (IPO) will require much attention to detail in order to be successful on their mission. Having a well balanced team in place is essential when any organization is initiating an initial public offering (IPO).

IBM had undergone some similar struggles, that is when IBM‘s CEO, Samuel Palmisano transformed IBM when he was required to “implement a global reorganization of the company.” (Hamm, 2005). Through tremendous hard work and dedication Samuel Palmisano was able to carry out his vision to “dismantle the structure that served it so well for so long” (Hamm, 2005).

Reintegrating the company brought many hard and tough challenges which lead to individuals who did not play well with others to be replaced with qualified individuals that would embrace the new direction of the company. IBM’s CEO simply had a vision and by incorporating effective planning obtained the much needed confidence of the stakeholders and key management team.

One of the main forces behind every great company is their employee commitment and engagement to the company. Through clearly defining the employee’s performance and development would build readiness for change at the group level. A strong culture is desired at Gene One to bring forth an internal passion for moving forward.

“A leadership perspective that explains how leaders change teams or organizations by creating, communicating, and modeling a vision for the organization or work unit, and inspiring employees to strive for that vision” is transformational leadership (McShane and Von Glinow, 2005).

It is highly recommended that Gene One obtain a consultant to build a collaborative organizational strategic vision that

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