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Business Ethics Module Paper

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Business Ethics Module Paper

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Ayn Rand's theory of Objectivism resonates with me above all other ethical decision making systems due to its straightforward approach about applying reason, reality, and enlightened self interest. As an atheist, my view of life is that I must enjoy every second on Earth as much as possible because this is essentially why human beings are here. As Thomas writes, "To achieve happiness requires a requires a morality of rational selfishness." Reality is absolute, and the facts of the universe will not change despite one's emotion or faith.

Section 2

1.) The Midnight Journal Entry was a team at Electro Scientic Industries wiping out "an accrued liability of $977,000 associated with the anticipated cost of retirement and severance benefits to company employees in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (Lawrence, 137)." This is absolutely an ethical issue, because the company was trying to to report earnings of $0.01 per share rather than reporting a loss, which was inconsistent with the revenue reports.

2.) This decision by Dooley, without question is an unethical decision that violates the rights based system of ethics. As Scalet writes, "ethics is not only or most fundamentally about a concern for people's welfare, but a commitment to protect people's rights. By eliminating the retirement and severance benefits of these employees without their approval, ESI as was violating their rights.

3.) Dooley, as discussed on page 141, was more concerned wit the company being exposed to litigation than correcting the issue of the Midnight Journal entry.

4.) Okumoto should absolutely act on his concerns. While doing so could cost him his job with ESI, he is highly qualified to find a position as another company. Also, if he does not

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