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Changing Role of Hr

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Human Resources Management, the key area of running an organization capably is often forgotten by the management of the company. What happens is that, the decision makers somehow or rather get indulged in so many other critical issues that they often start giving less time on HR related matters. It is, as if the people working in the company will only work with fullest contribution and satisfaction in any situation. But it is not. The whole scenario has changed and the people need and deserve to be cared more. In this context the role of HR has lot to imply.

Personnel Management to

Strategic Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management once used to be termed as Personnel Management. During that time the concept of dealing and treating the employees were far different from today. It was a rigid and more work oriented approach to human being. Employees were only some beings whose duty was to perform the best, only because they were given the job and being paid for that. The employees were obligated to comply with the rules under a bureaucratic turmoil. In course of time, the work hour approach to the employees has taken a holistic approach. People then are treated as a 24 hour man, who indeed had a life to live out of office hours. People got the feeling of being nourished and nurtured in changed Human Resources Management in process of time. And then came Strategic Human Resources Management concept. Management then started treating the employees as the gearing body of an organization. It is not the machine, but the man behind the machine who is responsible for getting most out put from the mechanical producer. It is not the name of the company, but the people who have toiled to build up the name and fame are the main resources of the company. This is the strategy management people are thinking of adopting.

Human Capital Management

The idea of Human Capital Management explains the idea that employee of the organization are the main assets for proper running and progression of the company. So maintenance of this valuable asset should be the prime focus of an organization. Not only that, nourishment of the human capital has another implication as well. The organization which gives better human values must be well liked by the people working there. Incidentally, their next to kin are also being affected by this feeling of belongingness and well treatment. They somehow also feel a necessity in mind to serve the same company which has treated their acquaintances so well. The company may also affect the next generation by virtue of their work, which would anyhow have influence in their bringing up and development.

Support to success

Employee engagement is essential in the current rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment. Roles and responsibilities evolve and organizations have to count on employees to act in ways consistent with organizational cultures, objectives, and values in the absence of specific direction. However, to harness the motivation offered by an engaged workforce, organizations must also ensure that work environments allow employees to channel their efforts productively.

Even those organizations that work on employee engagement can obstruct progress and productivity by not providing adequate ‘support for success.’

Employees are increasingly saying to organizations ‘help me to help you. Give me the tools, technology, information, support, and other resources I need to be effective. Don’t distract me with tasks that don’t add value, and don’t introduce procedural barriers that will interfere with my ability to get things done,’ In other words, to get the most from engaged employees, motivation to contribute has to be matched with ability to contribute. This relatively straightforward idea has some important implications for people management practices and strategic use of employee surveys.

By focusing managers on the issues they should be addressing and demonstrating the connection between these issues and individual work and organizational effectiveness.

HR as strategic partner


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