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Christianity Humanism Russian Literature

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In the school, we learn some famous literatures examples. I know that those literatures examples are masterpieces and I cannot avoid learning literature. I liked to learn world famous literatures examples. I think literature is the history of human traced and acquired the knowledge. Also, literature is the human’s thought, sensibility, and intellect searching on the whole field of learning. To analysis expression of language and story is to understand human natures that cultivate literature. Now, our society is flooding new technology and globalization. Because of those things, value of literature is waving. Therefore, I think that more and more importance of literature is raised nowadays.

Literature is an Art that shows human emotional and cultural life. I think that literature is affected by our society and our life style. What we are doing and what we are thinking may be material of the literature. Also, most of literatures give a vivid description of the things that are existed or existing and how human think and act in their society. As artists paint human’s world, authors write human’s world in their work as if each characters lives and rises in this world.

Literature is the mind of inspiration. Most of the literary works give us example how human feel and behave. Through the each work, we can sympathize with characters feeling. Also, we can read some works as if we are one of the characters of the work. We can stand each of side of the characters. Drawing human from life makes our thinking rich and rocks our feeling. And, several diversity of works demonstrate us different age and different people’s life. Moreover, graceful literary works work our imagination and noble thought and feeling. I believe that those literary works direct

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