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Code of Conduct in Ensuring Work Ethics

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Code of Conduct in Ensuring Work Ethics

Rewat Shrestha

BUS 359 Business Ethics

Westcliff University

Presidential Business School

Prof. Sayegh

Mr. Arbin Shakya

June 24, 2019


This report contains the practices that are involved in achieving morally correct ethics in business. These practices help maintain the ethics at a standard level or lift up the business ethics from a lower level in the eyes of public and other organization. There are also many barriers or complication that obstructs the implementation and thus overcoming them is also a challenge.

Code of conduct are a set of rules that outline social norms, religious values and the proper practices for an individual (, 2019). Implementing a code of conduct at a workplace ensures that everyone follows the same set of rules and abide by them so that no one will be hindered or affected by the action of an individual. These code of conducts helps in creating a better working environment that is also ethically correct.

If there have been some unethical actions in the past due to improper code of conduct then revamping those set of rules would be best to ensure that nothing of that sort happens in the future. First of all, I would personally go over the code of conduct of the company and then hire a professional in making the new code of conduct. Since these rules and regulations are for all of the employees as well, I would involve someone to represent them in making these rules so that everyone has a say in that matter. Following a rule set by self is easy to follow than rules set by other people.

The accusation of wrong representation of products requires some internal investigation. If what the accusation says is correct then an ethical training program for employees would be in the best regard of the company. The training would prevent or lower the occurrence of unethical actions in the future and make every employee consider if what they are doing is ethically correct or not before taking any action on behalf of the company or personally. The ethical training program will be a stepping stone for the success of the company (Young, 2019).

Terminating the employees found guilty of performing unethical behavior is both a good and bad action at the same time. Terminating these employees would set an example for all of the other employees that the company doesn’t comply unethical behavior and make them more attentive to the work they perform. On the other hand, kicking the employees who have been working under the improper code of conduct and without any prior training on ethical working behavior would seem kind of unethical of the management. So, the best set of actions would be some kind of penalty for these employees but keeping them in the company. With the penalty in place they will always think of their past actions and make better decisions in the future which is always better for the company. They will never promote those unethical actions anymore and learn from their mistake and may as well lead new employees on the correct path and thus paving the road of ethical behavior for the company.

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