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Cremica Brand Analysis

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Cremica was started by Mrs. Rajni Bector in 1978 out of her love and passion for cooking, whipping up remarkable ice creams and baking. In the span of more than 3 decades, Cremica has become one of the fastest growing home grown brand in India.

Cremica today has emerged as a Brand because of its unmatched quality, unique recipes, health oriented ingredients and state-of-the art standards.

The Cremica Group has established itself as a huge food products conglomerate, offering a wide range of products. The products offered are a range of food condiments like tomato ketchup, Food curry/gravies, range of mayonnaise & spread, mock tail syrups & toppings, range of biscuits and breads. The Group business after demerger in 2013, is managed by three sons of Mrs Rajni Bector with equal share holdings.

The food condiments business by the name of Cremica Food Industries Ltd, along with it’s other subsidiaries is currently owned and managed by Mr. Akshay Bector. It is the fastest growing entity of the Cremica Group and roughly contributes to 35% business of the group.

  • Brand Positioning

Cremica Food Industries Ltd is well established in retail sector. More than 20% growth in brand’s retail business in the last 3 years have been possible through growing penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The brand focuses on Customer Centricity by giving huge importance to customer feedback, innovative products customized for local taste buds. In the fast changing customer needs and preference, Cremica emphasis upon Rising Prominence by offering a wide range of products in the retail sector. The range of company’s products in retail segment include Opera Chips, Mayonnaise (Traditional flavours like Tandoori, Mint and Desi Express offered), Ketchup, Speciality sauces, salad dressings, jam, syrups & food crushes, French-fries and tub spreads.

In the last three years, Cremica is evolving and emerging in the B2B business by targeting Food Service Segment and HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) Segment through rapid product innovation and expansion. The company offers a range of products in institutional packing specialising in tomato ketchup, flavoured glazes for bakeries, syrups and toppings for desserts and beverages, specialised sauces, spread & mayonnaise and cheese blend. The company here aims at Purposeful Innovation; by effective research & development, deployment technology and considering changing needs and preference of the market, Cremica aims at generating revenue through volume orders generated by Food Services and HORECA Segment.


Cremica has got First Mover Advantage by launching a portfolio of Opera premium quality chips. The product offers a scrumptious and gourmet experience, unlike the mass production chips companies, the product with its quality is aiming at outreaching to premium chain of hotels for tie-ups, premium retail outlets to increase the shelf space and thereby is getting a lot of recognition.

With a fairly large network of distributors compared to competitor brands like Veeba, Heinz, Delmonte, etc the company has a very good market penetration both in Retail and Institutional (B2B) supply of products.

Cremica is the most trusted Home-Grown brand in the condiments market specifically. It is highly reputed brand because of the focus on heath oriented ingredients, product quality and consistency. The company has huge level of acceptance with the Indian customers as compared to its competitors.

Cremica is the only Home-Grown brand in India to have the largest product range for its Institutional customers. The range of flavoured fillings/glazes & fruit syrups are most demanded in the Bakery and leading F&B companies. Tomato ketchup and range of speciality sauces has the highest customer base in the Food Services market as compared to Cremica’s nearest competitors.

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