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Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy’ of Bellissimo

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  • MD. MuktadirHossain–12104182
  • MD. Arafat Hossain-12104014
  • HiroqDev Roy – 07304077

Section: 001

Course: Marketing Management (MKT 301)

BRAC Business School

Course Instructor: Mr. Tamzidul Islam


December 3rd, 2013

December 3rd, 2013


Md. Tamzidul Islam

Senior Lecturer

BRAC Business School

BRAC University

Sub: Submission of term paper on ‘Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy’ of ‘Bellissimo’

Dear Sir,

With great honor, we would like to submit our term paper on ‘Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy’ of ‘Bellissimo’ ice cream brand which was assigned by you. We discovered this project work very interesting and beneficial. We conducted a face to face interview with the ‘Branding & Marketing’ Consultant Mr. Ashik Hasan from Kazi Foods Ltd. We gathered information as much as possible from him. Now, after a month of our group discussion, market research and consumer survey we prepared our term paper on Bellissimo.

This particular report contains a detailed study of our project based group work. We hope that you will find this term paper worth all the labor and dedication we have put into it.


Md. MuktadirHossain

Md. Arafat Hossain

HiroqDev Roy

Research methodology:

To prepare this particular term paper we have to concentrate on some crucial marketing concepts related to our course.  We collected our necessary information from primary sources by conducting face to face interview with ‘Branding & Marketing’ consultant of ‘Bellissimo’. Later, blind fold survey was done to know the brand perception by the consumers on the brand and also interviewing with the retailers. We also visited ‘Café Bellissimo’ situated at Banani. We did not use any secondary source for our term paper as there was not adequate information provided. As ‘Bellissimo’ is a new brand in the ice-cream manufacturing business.

Company Background  

Kazi Farms Limited was established in 1996 as a hatchery of imported eggs. The following year it started its own parent farms, and in 2004 production started in our grand-parent (GP) farms. In addition to producing breeder feed to meet our own requirements, in 2006 we established the largest and most advanced feed mill in the country with technical assistance from Cargill USA and Buhler Switzerland.Kazi Farms Group is the grand-parent franchisee of Cobb-Vantress USA for Cobb 500, acknowledged world-wide to be the best broiler. We also have a smaller number of grand-parents of the popular Ross broiler from Aviagen USA. Regarding layers, we are the Bangladesh distributor for Hy-line USA, the world's leading layer breed.
Kazi Farms Group was the first exporter of hatching eggs and day-old chicks from Bangladesh. Kazi Farms Group has over 50 broiler parent farms, layer parent farms, broiler grand-parent (GP) farms, hatcheries, feed mills and sales offices in different locations throughout Bangladesh. List of sister Concern Company of Kazi farms Group

  • Kazi Farms Ltd.
  • Kazi Hatchery Ltd.
  • Kazi Breeders Ltd.
  • Kazi Foods Ltd.
  • North Bengal Eggs Ltd.
  • Tetulia Eggs Ltd.
  • Bhaluka Farms Ltd.
  • Royal Bengal Chicken Ltd.
  • Hybrid Farms Ltd.
  • Kazi Shivpur Hatchery Ltd.
  • Kazi Grand Parents Ltd.
  • Kazi Broilers Ltd.
  • Kazi Chicks Ltd.
  • Kazi Chicken Farms Ltd.
  • Taragonj Hatchery Ltd.
  • Srabon Poultry Ltd.
  • Ashalata Poultry Ltd.
  • Atrayee Poultry Ltd.
  • Sukumoy Poultry Ltd.
  • Uttara Kazi Limited
  • Euro asia pty ltd

Macro & Micro variables of Bellissimo:

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Macro and Micro variables of business includes several factors shown in upper charts. Micro variables are concerned with study of economics decision-taking by both individuals and businesses. Macro variables are concerned with the interactions in the economy as whole. Marketers will charge extra for their products along with the suppliers and the distributors.  On the other hand consumer’s behavior will change due to price increase. Consumers will be more concern about the quality of product they are buying even if it is ice cream. Bellissimo will have an edge over its competitors. Because they are not concerned about high pricing rather they are trying to provide ‘Premium’ quality of international tastes.

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