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Critical Thinking Case Study: Let It Pour

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In reviewing the case study the first thing that comes to mind is the mission statement of the Faith Foundation. It basically states that they will do every thing possible for the well being of the people in the communities, without compromising its spiritual religious heritage or values, and with the collaboration of partners who share the same values. Another is how everyone in the hospital has taken to their own beliefs on how they should provide service to patients, and believe that medical intervention can go too far into conflicts with their religious beliefs or personal moral convictions. There is also staff members initiating do not resuscitate directives without proper written orders, and others who do not follow do not resuscitate directives and just do their own thing, although most of these procedures were with the families acceptance of the patients.

There were also problems with the finances of the hospital this was mainly in part again, due to personal judgments of certain staff. The pharmacists filling uninsured prescriptions by accepting payments in installments, and counselors treating some clients for free without authorization, which could cause more major problems. Some staff not providing services until proof of insurance is first received. Also the cost of a patient per day a year ago was at two hundred seventeen dollars a day, now it is at two hundred forty dollars, along with the patient population decreasing about seven percent.

In analyzing all the problems and data of the Faith Foundation Hospital it seems that perhaps changing the mission statement would be the first thing to address, maybe tweaking it a little bit so it can be more clear and all who work for the hospital can be on the same page as to giving better service to the patients. Another is to make sure that a set of strict guidelines are implemented before and when discussions are made about a patients health regarding the do not

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