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Culinary Center Proposal

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Operations Management

Project: “Marakaloff” culinary center

Instructor: Yevgeniya Kim

Ainur Bainazarova ID 20123475

Mikhail Egay ID 20120137

Nazgul Temirgali ID 20121067

Jehong Song ID 20111941

Almaty 2015

Table of Content


Business description        

Marketing Strategies        

Competitive Analysis        

Design and Development Plan        

Operations and Management Plan        




This idea of a culinary center came to our minds after our friend got married. Unfortunately, it is not enough that she could cook. As you know, in the Kazakh family wife should be economic, and especially to cook and delight guests. Then we thought it would be great if there was a special place designed for housewives and those who does not know how to cook, where they could learn cooking not only simple dishes but also restaurant level food. We decided that it should be a place where women could not only learn new recipes and cooking tricks, but also to share and communicate with each other.

Moreover, our idea was not limited by this. Great idea was also thought that if women could buy in this institution blanks for any food so that they could come home and just cook, thus saving their time and do not force the husband or guests to wait for dinner. And we are pleased to share this idea.Even more, there will be held courses not only for adults but for children too.

We also planning to cooperate with biggest and popular restaurants: invite chiefs and baristas; learn how to serve the meals etc. As our city is growing the number of tourists is also increasing. For them, there will be special intensive courses of cooking traditional Kazakh dishes.

The ways of advertising our center are numerious; including mass media, hotels, restaurants and food courts.

Business description

Current Market (Industry):[pic 2]

The Kazakhstani culture really emphasizes on family and at the same time it is very family oriented culture. We like to invite guests, our relatives and friends for dinner or lunch very often. It is said that Kazakh wives (women) are the ones who are really responsible for cooking and delighting during all the important events are held. According to the news, Kazakhstani women nowadays are gradually moving towards their personal career development rather than just being a house wife and taking care of their own family. But despite the movement most of them stay to be house wives and take care of their own families. Cooking for house wives is not just some simply trick they obtain in an instance, but is also required to obtain (learn). Unfortunately, not every house wife is an excellent cooker. Some might try to cook on their own or learn it from their parents and still cook bad. An institution or a culinary center (MARAKALOFF) which has a purpose of guiding and helping women cook different variety of food will be a lifesaving factor for them.

Describing company basics:[pic 3]

The major strength of our “Marakaloff” culinary center is that it is new in the current industry. No competitors exist for the time in Almaty. The center includes in it “School for WIVES”, Coffee-bar, and shop for variety of products. This center is a service based culinary center, where mainly teaching session will be provided for women (wives) by real-time chefs with long professional career, a Coffee bar where people (women mainly) gather for a friendly talk and mainly for information gathering, and lastly a product shop for the convenience of those who want to shop or buy products for cooking right after or before their lessons. The center will mainly operate targeting housewives, young women, and business ladies. Will employ not many employees for running the business, but will hire those who are experienced and highly educated in the sphere of cooking.

Company Goals:

The culinary center Marakaloff’s goal is to run a profitable operation, which includes in increasing revenue while limiting expenses. Increase in annual sales by 10 percent. Mainly the revenues will be driven from the tutoring or educating fee. Some portion will be driven from the coffee-bar and inside shopping court.  As already announced this facility is a customer service driven facility. Our culinary center’s main goal is to help those women who are in need of guidance of cooking delicious and original food. Alongside to this, responding to customers’ needs and complaints, increasing quality staff service are also Marakaloff’s goals. In the future we plan to grow our business operation, making it as a franchise unit. We can then offer the same service in different part of the city for various customers (Almaty). By this we will gradually increase the market share and will strive to maintain loyal customers and attract new ones as well.

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